Somewhere we went wrong, we were both so strong

Bye everyone, it’s been fun.

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declan-grahm replied to your post: Fuck. Where the hell am I?

Babe? We’re coming. Me and Marco. We’re coming okay?

 I don’t…I don’t know. 

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Fuck. Where the hell am I?

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Texts | Cass
  • Jacob: No but seriously. Hide?
  • The number you are trying to contact is currently out of the service area please try again later.:

Confusion | Self Para

Singing the Little Mermaid under her breath, Cass was cold, tired, and every part of her body ached. The limbs of her arms couldn’t keep up with her aimless wavering and the heels of her feet were screaming for her to sit down but she was too afraid to do that. Not when she didn’t know what else lurked in the fields. She kept her phone clutched to her, cursing herself for not charging it fully. She kept an open mind to keep out for any signs in both nature and civilization that she was close to a town.

She just needed to be near a familiar town. She just needed to be back at the hotel with Declan speaking about their future children if they ever got so far as to marry each other in the future. She needed to get back to the studio, forget about her anger towards Jeff and Daisy and for once focus on what she needed to. But now as she battled through the maze, she was fighting for her survival. 

Without a drop of water and food, it was sad to say Cass was used to this regime but under the extreme scrutiny of the sun, it left her unprepared and weaker by the minute. As dusk fell, Cass whimpered softly to herself only hearing the soft crunching of leaves and the swivel of the corn stalks moving beside her as she pushed her way through the paths.

A text popped up in her cell phone:

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One bar left and it’s dark.


Wait what? You’re where?! Who the hell would do that to you? Are you all right? Is someone coming to get you?!

Marco sent out a team and I think Declan has been looking. I feel like I’ve been walking in circles all day, it’s just the same tall corn stalks.

Texts | Cass
  • Jacob: Yeah, not gonna be helpful. Uh. Can I just say that I really would prefer you find a town soon?
  • Cass: Jake I think I hear something.

Texts | Cass
  • Jacob: I'd tell you to look for moss growing on the north side of the tree so you'd go north, but y'know. You're in Ohio and moss doesn't seem big there.
  • Cass: There's a lot of dead possums and leaves. I don't know, no matter where I walk there's no way out.

Texts | Cass
  • Jacob: Can I second that? Are search and rescue on their way yet, or?
  • Cass: Marco said he called someone but I haven't heard anyone.